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Online Herbal Medicine course from the Herbal Academy of New England: There are a lot of reasons you might want to become better versed in herbalism but mine include understanding the plants and herbs I grow in my garden and find in the wild. This comprehensive herbal course not only teaches you about them but also how to prepare them to promote whole health, healing, and how to make natural beauty products.

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Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies A-Z. What each herb is used for, how to prepare for different uses, dosage/application guidelines.

Understanding Identifying Basic Herbal Actions ~ lovely drawings, short and sweet, need to print this

Creating an Herbal Apothecary at Home

Using Herbs: Herbal Tinctures, Glycerites, And Vinegars

A Deeper Look at Herbal Infusions - Cold or Hot?

STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! Herbal Allies to Help you Avoid Catching the Flu! by Susun Weed - herbal medicine articles on women's health: menopause, fertility, breast cancer / breast health, and much more...

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Using Honeysuckle for Food and Medicine

Make the most of the local wildflowers by creatively using honeysuckle for food and medicine in your kitchen and home apothecary.

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Medicinal Herb Plants For Sale

For centuries, herb plants have been used to cure all sorts of ailments. Both modern and alternative medicine rely on the age-old healing properties found in medicinal herbs. The Growers Exchange has a wide selection of medicinal herb plants.