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 is how super soakers have changed since Related post

Remember these? I twirled these even after I learned to twirl for real and impressed everyone when I was 7 :)

Tupperware stencil set and case 1980s 1990s ahh! wish I could tag a pin! Julianna.. Erica.. anybody?! xD

Remember, “To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done.” From #ElderScott’s inspiring #LDSconf message

Vintage Little Tikes Party Kitchen Childs Playset Made in USA

Toe socks - Yep! had some just like this. I was so proud wearing 'em with my "Candies" platform sandals. Cracks me up thinking back.

The 50 Greatest Discontinued '90s Foods and Beverages

Discontinued Foods from the 90s | List of Bygone 1990s Candy & Snacks (Page 2)