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My boyfriend's mom curves girls for him. When she sees a girl trying to flirt with him she yells out "HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! GET OUT OF HIS FACE!" I love that woman

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10 Impossible Dilemmas All Book Lovers Have Faced

10 Dilemmas All Book Lovers Have Faced

Came out as gay today. My dad looked at me stone cold and said "Same rules as your sister, no boys in your room"

As a woman, I hold the door open for others everyday. It's not a gender thing…

Micah 7:8 Do not gloat over me, my enemies! For though I fall, I will rise…

I'm a shy person around new people. I come across as boring and quiet when I'm the total opposite.. It takes me so long to get comfortable. I'm always giving a bad impression.

Whisper App. Haha! I can see my partner being like that. I find it cute. But then him eventually after years of doing so, did it, me expecting him to say it as always, & instead him going "For real this time?"

I was sad, and my crush said I looked like a turtle when I was sad, so he drew me as a turtle... This is the most accurate drawing of myself I've ever seen

"I don't have a problem with people that don't like me.. I do how ever have a problem with people who pretend to like me.. "