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White Privilege In Africa: Murderer Oscar Pistorius Granted Parole |

South Africa Racial Segregation Video: School Accused Of Separating Students By Race |

Saudi Arabia the Kingdom From Hell and Ethiopians •

While White South Africans as a group have lost political power, economically and culturally whiteness still prevails.

Given the well-documented, real life antics of the remaining white community in Kenya, the details of a high society murder currently being retold in a court

The Richest People in Africa list remains the most comprehensive compilation of the continent’s wealthiest individuals. In 2014, we counted 55 African billionaires with a net worth totalling $161.7 billion, a 12.4 percent rise from $143.8 billion in 2013. This year Africa welcomed five new billionaires, four of whom are Nigerian.

White Supremacy Gone Wild: Nigerian Businessman Builds ‘Biggest’ Statue Of Jesus In Africa

The government of South Sudan has strongly criticized the U.S.' proposal at the UN Security Council to send 4,000 soldiers to the country, alleging the move

Somali protesters have expressed outrage over reports emerging in India that 50 out of 119 kidnapped Somalis suspected of being pirates could face the death