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The Yame region in southern Japan is well known for the production of gyokuro. This expertise inevitably reflects on the sencha manufactured in this region. A highly sweet and deep aroma are its features. #organic #sencha #tea #japanese #delicious

Crane Cool Mist Drop Shape Humidifier - Green

Totally want this cool mist humidifier.. Now! Ooh and now they offer other colors like orange & pink!

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Saturday tea. Green leaf in a hohin kyusu. What are you drinking? Visit for a selection of only the most pure and #delicious Japanese #organic #tea. by theteacrane

One of the best kept secrets of the South. The unusual name comes from the former function of this beach this was in fact the place where sailors had suffered a scary disease in distant foreign lands were left ashore there were care. The building which is located on this beach was used so the function of a port hospital but since the 80s it is cracked by a group of artists and has been living since the second generation of squatters. They take care of this beautiful place clean the beach and…

Organic Kukicha Twig Tea: Our Organic Kukicha is made from the stems, stalks and twigs of the tea trea plant, giving it a mildly nutty, and slightly creamy sweet flavor. This is a popular macrobiotic tea. Naturally low in caffeine. Organic Green Twig Tea from Japan.

Everything you ever needed to know for making the perfect up of tea

These oven baked Paleo Glazed Chicken Wings don't have any added sweetener and are Whole 30 & Autoimmune Paleo friendly! BEST COOK BOOK,c o f f e e & t e a,Coffee and tea..,Eats,Food,Foooooood,Regal Tea,T