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almost every day: me: *miserable* mom: are you okay? me: YOU KNOW THIS JUST HAPPENED IN MY FANDOM AND IT'S NOT FAIR I JUST A;KLGFJA;SDFKJ NOOOOOOOOA;SDLKFJAS;DKFJAS;KDFJ *CRIES* mom: oh okay whatever me: *sobs and returns to fandom*


Favorite One-Star Review

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same with the glass you have to break to set off the fire alarms - let's have lots of broken glass on the floor as people run screaming from the burning building.......


Haunted Sword

Oh man, that is so bone-chilling! I didn't know knitting clubs still existed!<<There's a 76 year old woman who nits and has a sword room. How scary badass was she when she was in her youth?


At Least You Tried To Warn Them

At Least You Tried To Warn Them <<< At least you tried to warn them** only one capital belongs there...


Cheese Lovers Are Always Welcome

C | 18 years old | Disappointing the family by having tattoos, is my thing | This blog is a mess, i have completely stopped trying to sort my shit. Just click the follow button and hope not to get too...