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SHUT UP! IS THAT REAL? If chipmunks are learning to use tools it is pretty much over for humans. I bet they have the world good and dominated in a month's time.

Some-kinda Caterpillar (whatcha macallit) ~ Miks' Pics "Arachnids and Insects l" board @

เรื่องของความรัก - Comunidad - Google+

*The space between...the tears we the laughter keeps us coming back for more...* - DMB

For anyone going through a Life-Storm of any sort AND IS READY TO WALK OUT OF IT. My hope is that you find a helpful umbrella of ideas, words, or prompts to assist in your journey out of the storm.

Sélection quotidienne de fond d'écran sur votre bureau (15 photos)

Enjoy a few free activities for the stories, Nature's Green Umbrella by Gibbons and Rain, Rain, Rain Forest by Guiberson....

Rain or shine. It doesn't matter if it's raining, if there is a storm outside. Nothing will keep me away from dancing. Nobody will destroy my passion. I'll never give up, because I'm the best one. I'm here to dance. Dance and shine. ❤