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Bright Silver Crystal Steampunk Ear Cuff/Wrap in your choice of stone - Steampunk Jewelry

"This is the machine room?" Charlotte's eyes were wide with a mixture of shock and terror. She had expected a compact room, fitted with a large engine and a simple board for Tally to periodically adjust. The vast chamber lined with exposed turning gears and a pipeline through which Fable's magic flowed from the core into the engine, the glittery dust floating up into the air and towards the large clock face windows. "Yes." She smiled proudly as she looked down on her work, "I made her…

The government has decreed that this kind of mind be replaced with an environmentally friendly version, Lower wattage minds are to be used in all government buildings and public schools as to not disturb those that have grown accustomed to the dim ones found there.

Candle-by-the-Hour Coiled Bee's Wax Candle. Just got one of these from a friend—perfect for my conservatory!

TO DIE FOR Steampunk Couture black military Victorian coat jacket