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Mothman...a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia from 15 November 1966 to 15 December 1967. Mothman was introduced to a wider audience by Gray Barker in 1970, later popularized by John Keel in his 1975 book The Mothman Prophecies, claiming that Mothman was related to a wide array of supernatural events in the area and the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The 2002 film The Mothman Prophecies, starring Richard Gere, was based on Keel's book.

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United Monsters Of America: Infographic Reveals... - generationexorcist

01/25/2015 - United Monsters Of America: Infographic Reveals The Strange Beasts That Have Captured The Nation’s Imagination. From the Jersey Devil to the Mothman, the US is filled with fictional creatures that have come to life in the nation ’s imagination. Now one artist has ruled to draw these cryptids by hand, revealing the beasts that are feared the most in each state.Source: The Daily Mail

Like that episode of Supernatural where the siren became a brotherly figure to lure in the boys!

MAIDEN VOYAGE MOTHMAN PATCH Alien? Supernatural manifestation? Unknown cryptid? Maiden Voyage brings you the legendary creature first supposedly seen during the late 60s... have you guessed it? The Mothman has sparked interest in pop culture along with cryptozoologists looking for this mysterious being. Now you can search for the Mothman yourself with your very own embroidered Mothman patch! $6.00 #maidenvoyage #patch #cryptozoology #mothman