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Explore Zurich, Love and more!

Switzerland! The buildings look well kept and the cities are generally very clean. Boyfriend is traveling abroad here very soon.

Bingo! Wooden cornices (Crown moulding) to finish the Billys when we put them in the game room. The colour of the Zurich Bead or more particularly the Inverness looks right for them - but would need to see samples. I think my preferred profiles are the Inverness and the Claremont Egg & Dart, although the Zurich looks more like what we have as cornicing.

What To Eat In Zurich (And Where To Eat It)!

I'll confess: Zurich totally surprised me (in a great way) when it came to food. Yes, I expected lots of cheese, chocolate, and wine and there was plenty of it all, but I didn’t really think much beyond that. I’d been to other parts of Switzerland before, but I had never been to a cit...