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Just watching this entire scene on the two of them is heartfelt to watch. With Juvia just apologizing over and over : Gomensai Gomensai then Gray figuring out Juvia killed the necromancer. I noticed how his voice was just soft toward Juvia. Plus he plummeted right into those boobs. . Waiting an entire year was worth it. I'm telling you minna go watch it right now ❤#️GrayFullbuster | #JuviaLockser | #Fairytail #OTP #Anime #Cute #Funny #Feelings #Sexy #Hot #Canon #Anime #Heart #kawaii…

NALU, GRUVIA, GALE, JERZA, MIRAXUS, ELFGREEN, BIXANNA, ROWEN, LORIES, LYREDY and CAPPY :D <3<3<3 Then it should be ROKA (Rogue X Kagura) and STINGYU (Sting X Yukino) <3 I don't really ship is, LoLu, GrayLu, and NaLi >___<

Nalu and Gruvia. Fact about my shipping with Nalu is I ship them but not a lot. I ship Nali too but I have issues So I don't hate either Lisanna or Lucy.