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Photo: Hathor Holding Nefertari’s Hand. Symbolizes the union of the upper Egypt and Lower Egypt..

Arc de Triomf 1888 Architect: Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas

Орлиные ворота | DSC_0771 | Milano-1 | Louvre Persian archers on tiles | The Louvre, Babylonian hall, archers on tiles | Louvre winged bulls & rams on tiles | The Louvre, Babylonian hall, winged bulls & goats on tiles | Fidenza - Cattedrale di San Donnino | In 1927, what is pretty recent, the city "Borgo San Donnino" changed it´s name to "Fidenza", as in Roman times it was known as "Fidentia Julia". The city was named and the Duomo inside the walls was dedicated to San Donnino di Fidenza (aka "Domninus of Fidenza"), who was martyred nearby in 291. Sigeric the Serious, Archbishop of Canterbury, made the pilgrimage to Rome following the Via ...

Огюст Роден,Врата Ада,25603_original.jpg (539×900)