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2012 Clinton Foundation - Steve Kelley

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HUBBARD: @Imsgod #WhoAreYouToDecide ""Becoming white" is a process whereby a formerly racially subordinate group is granted access to whiteness and white privilege, with all the benefits this entails." (Fitzgerald, 2014, pg. 41) This illustration describes how in society whites are the ones that deem what is, and is not racist. #Whiteprivilege

White Privilege: Black Lives Matter is being supplanted by so called All Lives Matter as one example of the dominant hegemony defining orthodoxy.

EXPOSED: World Champion Poker Player: Clinton Secretly Signaled Moderator during Debate

Hillary’s Instantaneous Health Morph – Unanticipated Pool Reporter Surprises Secretary Clinton…


Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism–from Ferguson to Charleston

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Hillary flush

This ought to make you think. the Ultimate Hillary" hillBilly"Clinton Bumper Sticker. hindsight is

Are Hillary and Bill Clinton murderers? The internet is full with articles about the Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Body Count Lists and if you read them, even a bit of it, the connection between…

Murderer Hillary Clinton? – REWRITE-2, November 2016

Illustration on Hillary Clinton's historical/political baggage by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

15726477_10154589293132293_4050822924097540551_n.jpg (477×417)

15726477_10154589293132293_4050822924097540551_n.jpg (477×417)

20840871_10211259608700112_8537119003359316834_n.jpg (960×532)

20840871_10211259608700112_8537119003359316834_n.jpg (960×532)