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Democrats Are the Real Abortion Extremists

Daily News Editorial Board: Vote Hillary Clinton in N.Y.

Daily News Editorial Board says Vote Hillary Clinton: Her plans to give working- and middle-class Americans a fighting chance at rising incomes are far superior to Bernie Sanders'The only choice

EXCLUSIVE: Woman sues after upstate N.Y. cop avoids rape charges, says she was forced into having sex

Maleatra Montanez says she called police to report her missing daughter, only to get raped by a cop.

If Planned Parenthood Goes, Where Do Women Go?

Planned Parenthood -- Women's Health Would Be Fine Without It | National Review Online... read the article.

SEXED: Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids (Episode 2)Listen to what Planned Parenthood doctors and advisers are recommending to a 15 year-old girl. These adults should be arrested & prosecuted.

We Must Stop Kermit Gosnell’s Colleagues Douglas Karpen and LeRoy Carhart via @StevenErtelt

Texas Women Are Inducing Their Own Abortions

Researchers fear self-induced abortions will become more widespread if clinics continue shutting down.

Forensic Analysis: Planned Parenthood Videos Are 'Authentic'

A forensic analysis of undercover videos about Planned Parenthood's abortion practices are "authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing."