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Fitness Inspiration: It's a New Week

"The difference between your body this week & next week is what you do for the next 7 days to achieve your goals. It's a new week. Make it count." What are you going to do to improve your health this week? Don't wake up next Monday with regrets, instead wake up knowing that you squeezed every ounce of juice out of the last 7 days. Get after it!

Texas French Toast Bake

i love meeting new people who just hang around watching the popular ones and making them feel included

Former Google career coach shares a visual trick for figuring out what you want to do with your life

Former Google career coach shares a useful visual trick

STMTS is a young street artist, passionately creative and socially active being with big ideas. He created wonderful pieces of street art in Athens, Greece. He was beginning his work with a lengthy pre-planning process in the studio in which he makes repeated sketches of his subjects, he then takes the completed work to the street for pasting. Of his own motivations, the artist says: “I care about the social problems and more specifically about the kids and the new generations. The political…

Challenge spécial MOTIVATION

Besoin d’un petit coup de pouce pour aborder la rentrée en douceur ? J’ai compilé tous les conseils & astuces de la team Mességué pour vous proposer un challenge « Motivation » ludique et coloré en 4 étapes qui je l’espère vous fera voir la vie du bon côté Printable Motivation 30 jours

J. Lo Made Iggy Azalea Wear a Dirty Swimsuit

As the Summer of Butts fades into golden autumn, a Bronx-born single mother has released her own "viral" butt YouTube in the hopes of capitalizing on a trend sweeping the nation like a butt abruptly dropped very low and skimmed lightly over a dance floor (or regular floor).

5 Reasons Why My Girlfriend Thinks She's Not Beautiful Enough, No Matter What Anyone Tells Her

Women are dying to be thin; eating disorder awareness, simplified. Take care of yourself!! Healthy is the new skinny. Happy and confident women are the most beautiful. Be happy. Be healthy. I don't care what anyone else says, especially you! You are beautiful. Healthy diet, daily activity, healthy body!!!