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Sebasteion, relief of Tiberius with a captured barbarian. Aphrodisias Museum.Aphrodisias-TÜRKİYE

Mart, Museu de Trípoli | Mars, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli, Libya. From Lepcis…

This Roman statue of Poseidon/Neptune alongside a dolphin dates to the first century. Tampa Museum of Art

Ganymede with the Eagle. Roman, after Greek original from the Prasiteles school of 3rd century BC. Marble. Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Colossal bust of Zeus known as "Jupiter of Versailles, Louvre Museum, Paris I

Patroclus and Menelaus a copy of a Greek original,dates from the Flavian era.

Marble Statue of a bearded Hercules, Roman, Flavian period, A.D. 68-98, Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York, 2009

NYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux - Ugolino and His Sons