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The 'Hungry' Season is Just Around the Corner. Watch how a village in Mali persevered through the 'hunger' season for the first time ever. Y...

I’m sure you'all know our friends at the Beinart Surreal Art Collective who have been supporting artists for many years. Well they now need your support to help them realise their dream of opening a gallery in Melbourne, Australia that will focus on both international and local work! Let's help BeinArt Surreal Art Collective move into the gallery space - support their kickstarter, stretch goal here >

BirdProject Soap on - the first marketplace for successfully funded kickstarter & indiegogo projects!

Ticwatch 2 team clarifies which apps its Kickstarter smartwatch will initially support

If you haven’t been tempted to buy a smartwatch yet, or have been disappointed by your purchase of an Apple Watch, one of Samsung’s (many) Gear wearables or others, there may be another option to...

Please support my dance company! We have been working so hard on this show, and it would mean the world to us :) Suhaila Salimpour presents Enta Omri "You Are My Life" by Suhaila International — Kickstarter

We are happy to announce our #Inidegogo campaign with you all! "Drive-In Theater's are almost extinct. We can save them! Help Us before it's too late."

The Sustainable Herb Project is working towards more transparency in the International Herb Trade. Support their campaign and support workers rights, higher quality products and domestic cultivation of medicinals!

WHERE SNOW LEOPARD PROWLS (Finalist for the 2014 International Book Award) - Our new children's book, Where Snow Leopard Prowls, is the product of author Naomi C. Rose's passion for the wildlife of Tibet and the outpouring of support from wildlife supporters like you! Dozens of snow leopard lovers from all over the world have contributed to the funding this beautiful and educational children' book through a Kickstarter campaign.