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Dog Steps Out To Pee, Ends Up Running A Half Marathon

Ludivine’s grand entrance to half marathon running! It’s easily done really. You go out to pee, you go for a little wander, and suddenly you find yourself competing in a half-marathon. Well, it’s easily done when you’re a two-and-a-half-year-old bloodhoun

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Everything You Need To Know About Running With Your Dog

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Simple Dog Training for Stubborn Dogs

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This Cute Pup Has Only Half His Body, But He'll Win Over Your Whole Heart

This sweet little bundle of cuteness is Bonsai. He’s a rescue English bulldog from Arkansas and was born on April | This Cute Pup Has Only Half His Body, But He'll Win Over Your Whole Heart. I WNAT HIM SO BAD AND HE IS SOO CUTE!!

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Glorious Group Photos Show The Happiest Pack Of Dogs In Town

This photo is so great!!!! The Barkhaus doggy daycare staff in Miami, Florida takes these amazing group photos of all the dogs they care for during the day, and they look like the friendliest crew in town. More classroom group photos of dogs at the link.

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13 Pets Who Did NOT See That Coming

Creating fictional scenarios and then freaking out about them is one of your greatest talents. | 21 Secrets Anxious People Won't Tell You LOL

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Metal Engraved Buckle Dog Collar - Personalized with 21 Webbing Colors to Choose

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Brave Dog Gives His Life To Shield Baby Trapped In Fire

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Rescue Dog Won't Kiss Anyone Except His Baby Sister

She needs a little extra care — and when she's sick, he runs to her.

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Cop Honors His K9 Partner By Fostering A Shelter Dog