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Geographic origin of worldwide populations.New Genetic Test Reveals Your Ancestral Origin

DNA shows Irish people have more complex origins than......

The value of the tests #genealogy #dna

benefits of testing other members of your family and who in your family will help you reveal the most of your DNA

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Genetic Ancestry Tests Mostly Hype, Scientists Say

Genetic Ancestry Tests Mostly Hype, Scientists Say: "In the Genghis Khan example. . .did not have DNA samples from the Mongol warlord himself because his tomb has never been found. Instead, the company found that the accountant had a set of genetic markers very common in people from Eurasia, & particularly in the areas where Genghis Khan conquered. The rest was inference. 'There's nothing to actually tie it to him. . .It could have been some other guy alive at the time who slept around a lot.'"

When geneticists did DNA testing of the small, homogeneous, inter-related Icelandic population, they were surprised to find out that far from being 100% Viking as assumed, the Icelanders were 1/3.... Irish! These genes came from slaves raided from the Irish and Scottish coasts and brought to Iceland before 1100. Íris Sif Ragnarsdóttir by Étienne Ljóni Poisson, via Flickr

Man fails paternity test because of unborn twin's DNA - He's a chimera.

Ancestry with largest population in state map. Trace your U.S. family genealogy.

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