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New Genetic Test Reveals Your Ancestral Origin

Genetic Ancestry Tests Mostly Hype, Scientists Say

Can DNA testing really tell us accurate information about our ancestry? Live Science.

When geneticists did DNA testing of the small, homogeneous, inter-related Icelandic population, they were surprised to find out that far from being 100% Viking as assumed, the Icelanders were 1/3.... Irish! These genes came from slaves raided from the Irish and Scottish coasts and brought to Iceland before 1100. Íris Sif Ragnarsdóttir by Étienne Ljóni Poisson, via Flickr

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Beyond the Helix: 'Supercoiled' DNA Twists into Crazy Shapes

Beyond the Helix: 'Supercoiled' DNA Twists into Crazy Shapes ~ supercoiled dna

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