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'I don’t really approach my work with a preconceived message but I do find a continuation of a process that unfolds that surprises even me after I finish the work. It does seem that my work contains aspects of a story that unfolds and has a great deal to do with a process of intense psychotherapy and the years of dealing with dissociative identity disorder (a form of multiple personalities) and trauma I went through in childhood...' Ray Caesar

Gestalt Therapy is a process-oriented holistic psychotherapy approach whose ultimate goal is to enable you to achieve awareness and integration. It uses creative experimentation evolving from the therapeutic process to facilitate awareness, allowing you to complete unfinished business and move closer to articulating the true themes of your life. #ritualsmalta #psychotherapy

Anyone can fall victim to depression. It's quiet and easy to hide. But don't be afraid of it. It is something that you can overcome.

Henry Thoreau. For us it was sell the house and all the baggage and move onto a boat where we awake every day to lapping of the water on the hull and retire every evening to a sunset across the horizon. Life is lived in the Present Moment.

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4 Tips to Setting Healthy Boundaries

Growing up in a dysfunctional family, I never established physical or emotional boundaries. I learned that it was OK to take what I wanted without asking for permission, to barge into a room without