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Art, Social Media, and Dentistry with John Syrbu: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran #350 Watch on Dentaltown at

"Excuse me doctor, could you spell the medical term? I'm updating all my social media friends about this lady's strange condition."

This is what your brain looks like when you listen to a Howard Speaks podcast interview where we interview the top leaders in dentistry for 60 minutes. You can watch them all for free on YouTube at #DentalPodcast #DentalCE #DentalContinuingEducation

Word Of Mouth…Online with Jack Hadley. Howard Speaks Podcast #104. Plenty of dentists squirm at the thought of social media marketing. But social media marketing is not scary at all when you realize it's just word of mouth…online. For a full discussion, visit

Dentaltown - The One and Only Howard Farran Doing His Podcast with Great Guests!!! Howard Speaks Podcast #14 with Jeff Gladnick. Dr. Howard Farran and Jeff Gladnick of Great Dental Websites dive into social media and websites. Jeff Gladnick comes from a family of seven Dentists. #DentalOnlineContinuingEducation #DentalOnlineCE #HowardSpeaksPodcast #HowardFarran #Dentist #Dentaltown

271 Be A Social Media Rockstar with Batya Maman : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran - Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran - Dentaltown

Dad and Ryan just finished a 2 hour podcast with the endodontic legend Dr. John T. McSpadden of and covered everything from A-Z including the 3 things you can do to never break and endo file.