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Owen (Patrk.) Byrne - Ireland, Griffith's Valuation, 1847-1864 - MyHeritage

Whitehall Street, Atlanta, 1864 Sherman’s men burn two textile mills in Roswell and send 600 workers north as prisoners. Atlantans panic and flee. Soon, eighty percent of Atlanta’s residents are refugees…

This is an unusual picture of Atlanta, Georgia, taken in 1864. You can see a period locomotive, and what looks like a depot in the background.

Passenger Lists - Sydney-California-Sydney 1849-1851.Handy index from the Ships List for passenger to and from San Francisco and Sydney extracted from the digitized Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List available at the National Library of Australia website. Includes a user guide and examples.

By the late 19th century, the Barber Match Company, located in Barberton, Oh had become the largest manufacturer of matches in the United States of America. In 1847 George Barber began a match company inside of his barn. In 1857, Ohio Columbus Barber, George Barber's son, left school and spent the next five years traveling across Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, selling his fathers matches. In 1862, O.C. Barber assumed control of the entire business and, in 1864, formed the Barber Match…

Griffith's Valuation The Primary Valuation of Ireland is the nearest thing we have to being a comprehensive account of where people lived the in the mid-nineteenth century. The valuation covers over one million dwellings and in the region of 20 million acres. It was a property tax survey very carefully and painstakingly undertaken between 1847 and 1864 of all taxable agricultural and built-on land in Ireland. By using the maps it is easy to pinpoint the exact location of each dwelling.