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Gardening Q&A: climbing and rambling roses I want to plant some roses on a pergola but I don't know the difference between a climber and rambler. #Saga #Gardening #News

The oldest PhD student in the world (aged 102

The oldest PhD student in the world (aged 102) | That's Not My Age

A guide to sowing seeds in August

The holly blue butterfly Why are there fewer holly blue butterflies on the wing? David Chapman examines a couple of possibilities.

How to grow Lupins in Spring Lupins provide candles of flower in May, when there's a dearth, and their peppery scent seems to lure in bumble bees.

How to prune an apple tree

How to grow tomatoes #Tomatoes are well worth growing because of the high yield - an average of six trusses could give between 15 and 18 pounds of fruit depending on variety. #Saga #Gardening #News

How to grow and care for hydrangeas I would like to grow some hydrangeas, but don’t know which ones to choose, writes a reader. Read Val Bourne's expert advice. #Saga #Gardening #News

Gold daisies and Mediterranean aromatic plants do well in August -

growing a blueberry in a container