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MYRE - Vunsvagh's Tears (Werewolf) by AlectorFencer |

Meet Richie also known as Devil Dog, Hound from Hell. When he is not terrorizing suburban families he is often found taking long walks on the beach or gardening. Even the devil's minion has to have a way of kicking back and chilling.

#TeenWolf #Season6 - first look at the final season - Season 6 Starts This November

Ulrike Hölscher, Lerchentalstr. 2, D-97234 Reichenberg , Fon: 0160 930 700 41 / 09366 9828281 Mail: – -De esta imagen puedo tomar la técnica y el estilo utilizado para crearla. Me representa como el desconocimiento de un camino, me hace ver y pensar en peligros, los cuales puedan que si o puedan que no, se encuentren ahí. lo cual es lo sucedido con los padres que no conocen los peligros reales

Uma lenda indígena diz: "Quando um ser humano morre, há uma ponte que deve atravessar para entrar no céu. Na cabeceira da ponte aguarda cada animal que encontrou o humano durante a sua vida. Os animais, com base no que eles sabem desta pessoa, decidem quais os seres humanos que podem cruzar a ponte e quais são mandados embora."

reposted from Stone Lions - (stonelions on tumblr) - the words on the original post are mighty as well.

☀ I know you're under there and you're pissing me off, grrrr.

Goth: The #Moonstruck ~ "Night of 1000 Wolves," #3 alternate cover by Michael Manomivibul.


21 Inside Jokes & Memes Only True Teen Wolf Fans will Understand

Gefällt mir :D

4' · · ·《《 "\ ·' ~ · · · _€_`"\ ]| Repinned from Tr-Howjld Skjennfessrmakt-Begwulfnn = Werewolves!!! · · · |[ · · · Unless one of your parents or both were a Shape'~~'shifter,, Lycanthropy is a sorcery,, NOT a virus which means the patient -¡S MAD because actual bogeymen never d-¡d exist · · · |