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There’s no need to pay out for gym membership to keep fit, simply work out at home instead !

Swap a bacon and egg sandwich for a healthy bowl of porridge to help beat the bloat.

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Maximize your workout time by doing the exercise that burns the most calories (hint: it's not running!).

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6 Exercises Everyone Over 40 Should Be Doing

Here are the 6 must-do moves for everyone over 40. You'll thank us later when you're stronger, have more flexibility and are injury-free the next time you workout.

6 Moves for a Rock-Solid Stomach

Core Exercises with Weights: Bow and Arrow Squat Pull - Abs Workout Plan: 6 Weight Exercises to Get a Six-Pack - Shape Magazine

The health benefits of different oils Drizzle, pour or splash - oil is essential for a healthy body. But which oil is best for you to use and for what? We compare some of the most popular cooking oils.

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