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large-scale jewels). If you need a refresher on the moonstone's magical powers, it's purported to:

❤️ my heart races when you kiss me #Etsy #Danahm1975 #Jewelry

Here's some morning feels from one of the most powerful speeches The Doctor has ever given #doctorwho #petercapaldi

It scared Zashta, all the power that she was capable to wield and use at her own will and want; the power at her fingertips that had enough strength to decide the fate of any city, and providence, willing enough to challenge her. And it scared her.

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#FeministAsFuck A Feminist’s Guide to Critiquing Hillary Clinton TRAPT “Bring...

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9 Ways To Harness Solar Energy

Solar power is renewable, it’s everywhere, and it works. In this article, we cover nine different products that harness solar energy.