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In case you missed my last two posts (#1 and #2), you’ve landed smack dab in the middle of Samoas Week here at Something Swanky! Week 1 of 3 weeks dedicated to all things Girl Scout Cookie-inspired. This fudge is awesome. I haven’t been able to stop eating it. There are a couple of different …

Before I discover the art of participating in a bake-a-long group, I would scout a cookbook book, mark all the recipes that I wanted to try and then would promptly put back the marked cookbook in the shelf and forget about it. That is why I joined a bake-a-long. It gives me a push to finally do all of those recipes marked in a cookbook. The other thing a bake-a-long has taught me is the art of trying something new, especially if I’m unfamiliar with the ingredients and/or cooking…

Many people have perished in house fires, and if you don't want the same thing to happen to you, then take these 10 tips very seriously.

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How Will You Communicate in an Emergency? Are you planning on using your cell phone to send texts? While that may be more reliable than making calls, the communication grid is not especially reliable.

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