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The Bridge Promo

CLIENT: FX Networks VP, BROADCAST DESIGN: Albert Romero ART DIRECTOR: Amie Nguyen MANAGER, ON-AIR: Michael Perez PRODUCTION: Adam Gault Studio DIRECTORS: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis ILLUSTRATIONS: Bryce Wymer BRIDGE LOGO / DEAD GIRL: Ignition Print ANIMATION: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis MUSIC: PJ Harvey - Down by the Bridge

The Americans Promo Package

Teaser and promo package for the first season of FX's The Americans CLIENT: FX Networks VP, BROADCAST DESIGN: Albert Romero ART DIRECTOR: Amie Nguyen MANAGER, ON-AIR: Michael Perez PRODUCTION: Adam Gault Studio DIRECTORS: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis DESIGN: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis, Adam Wentworth ANIMATION: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis, Rich Magan AUDIO: FX / Jonny Greenwood - Future Markets (Temp Track)

Client: Cartoon Network Latin America Director: Nando Costa Production Company Superfad Director Nando Costa DP Steve McGehee Line Producer John Gomez Executive Producer Chris Volckmann Animation & Post Superfad Creative Director Nando Costa Art Director Sean Dekkers Character Design Sean Dekkers, Patrick Clarke, Julieta Rodriguez Lead 3D Artist Matt Guzzardo Technical Director Robin Scher Modeling/Rigging Patrick Clarke, Adam Rosenzweig, Andrew Butterworth Animation Patrick Clarke, Greg…

MvsM asked us if we could help them realize one of the several Fox Sports One idents they were directing and producing. Credits Concept : ManVsMachine Director : ManVsMachine Production : Analog Music & SFX : Echolab

TV2 Bliss idents

Art direction: Jenny Jordahl, Sigurd N. Kristiansen Concept development: Jenny Jordahl, Sigurd N. Kristiansen, Caroline Denise Eriksson Live action director: Geir Hørnes Creative & Technical director: Sigurd N. Kristiansen Producer: Johanne Lund 3D animation: Caroline Denise Eriksson, Sigurd N. Kristiansen, James Martin Compositing: Caroline Denise Ericsson Photography: Knut Aas Color grading, online: Knut A. Helgeland Choreography: Masja Abrahamsen Dancers: Henriette Hamli, ...

Special Teaser, month of supergiants animals. Month dedicated to the largest animals on the planet earth. Animal Planet. Credits: Portfolio Diego Troiano. Currently working in Discovery Latin Channels. Creative Director: Diego López Calvo. Script: Mariano Bonini. Design, animation and 3d: Diego Martín Troiano. Music: Enrique Colombo. All work is owned by Discovery Latin American Channels.

Download Logo Intro: Download 'Entertaining TV Broadcast Package': Music: 0:01 Download Logo Intro: 0:03 Download 'Entertaining TV Broadcast Package':

27th Golden Melody Awards Nomination Bumper - BEST ALBUM DESIGN

​TMRRW was commissioned to create the on-air packaging and show visual branding for the 27th Golden Melody Awards at Taipei, Taiwan. The Golden Melody Awards is the most important awards for Chinese popular music with one billion viewers worldwide. Credits Produced at TMRRW Role in Project: Motion graphics, 2D Animation Client: Young Hope Creative Agency: TMRRW Creative Director: William Chan Executive Producers: Queenie Wong Designers: Joyce Lee, Dionysius Kartalaksana, Samuel Hua...

For the late 2015 IDs the rectangle from the logo works as portal that takes you out of the everyday boring life right into the TLC magical world. It was a great opportunity to work with my good friend at Acaca. Client - Discovery / TLC Creative Direction - Rael Falkenbach & Ricardo Maximo Direction & Design - Chico Jofilsan Animation - Chico Jofilsan & Daniel Rodrigues Production - Acaca Music - Discovery / TLC

BLAZE TV Channel Bumpers BLAZE is a new UK Freeview TV channel. We provided the music and sound design for all BLAZE's launch channel branding. Music & Sound Design: Zelig Sound Agency / Design: Dixon Baxi Client: BLAZE