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The Moon of the Salamanders, one of a 13 part series by Jean Craighead George

from National Geographic

Amphibian Photo Gallery

National Geographic Red Eft.

The Bullfrog's snout-vent length ranges from 9 to 15 cm (3.5 to 6 inches). Its back and sides are some shade of green or brown and occasionally there are some darker blotches or spots on the back. The belly is off-white and the chest is mottled with gray. The skin is smooth and slimy. There are no dorsolateral folds along the frog's back. Instead, a ridge on each side of the head curves around the tympanic membrane from behind the eye.

SAL, OMG, It is YOU! :-O seriously, that looks just like you! @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Brazil

Red Salamander - kentucky!!!