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ALATE [adjective] having winglike extensions or parts; winged. Etymology: from Latin ālātus, from āla, “wing”. Chris Buzelli - Working as One// A Lackadaisical Lexicon for Laggard Logophiles,

I wish... My family had water that we didn't have to walk a mile in bare feet to get. I wish we didn't have to then build a fire and boil to rid it of disease. I wish we didn't have to put hours of work in, just to have a drink of water.

Flight of Queen Alexandra

I think Mr.Buzelli was an animal in another life. He paints them so well.

Maddaddam for NY Times Book Review

'Radiolab' episode about a Russian geneticist who domesticated a wild fox. Chris Buzelli, illustrator.

With some help from magicfran I made my first pattern! If you want to use it please include credit :)