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A moment of poor judgement can ruin a young life

from The Oil Dropper

Deb Chausky

Best Natural Sleep Aid: Young Living Cedarwood essential oil!!

Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson ~You Can Do It 2.


Loving yourself and being happy is literally the most important thing in life

Walk through life quietly and confidently. Aimd panic and confusion show those around you that solutions come from silence and peace

Eliminate greed, hate, envy, jealousy, revenge, ego and excess from your life. .. What an unrealistic thought ! And what a dull and boring we would be. What we must do is control these emotions, so we rule them... That is realistic.

Also make a list of your dreams. Whenever possible weave your dreams into the fabric of your life. Remember only you can weave the cloth. Many people can give suggestions of colour and design. But the ultimate product is in your hands alone.