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Martha Stewart barbeque spice rub for the guys for Christmas.

Crock Pot Nc Pulled Pork

North Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ....if u know this flavor, u crave it, on a bun with coleslaw!! sorry for those of you who don't. I lived in NC for 5 years and this brought back's that good. ~Photo by *Parsley*

Sweet and Spicy Caramelized Onion & BBQ Grilled Cheese

Sweet spicy grilled cheese with caramelized onion and bbq sauce making this for lunch with leftover bbq sauce that i made for dinner last night!

Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Use our Skinny Barbeque Sauce to make the BEST pulled pork with stuffed sweet potatoes. It's a great slow cooker meal that only takes 5 minutes to prep!

CHICKEN SOSATIES WITH APRICOTS & ONIONS Sosaties are the Afrikaans name for meat on a stick or quite simply kebabs. Sosaties are great made with beef, chicken or lamb. In this version I skewer on some apricots and onions. They caramelize on the grill and add that fruity element common in South African braaied food. And the sweet barbeque sauce is finger licking good. I am salivating just thinking about it.

SCD barbeque sauce....((A note about honey: If you can find Buckwheat Honey, pick some up. It is dark in color and pungent in flavor, very similar to molasses and makes a great substitution for it in recipes. I made this sauce with regular golden honey, but it reminded me that I need to pick up some more buckwheat honey from my local farmer’s market since I’m all out of it.))

Dawn’s Dream Burgers

Dawn's Dream Burgers... "This isn't your everyday run of the mill Burger. It has a wonderful blend of hamburger meat with cheese, onion, Bacon, etc... with a yummy sauce that makes this one Really Good Burger !!"