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from Urban Ghosts Media

Urbex Photography: Are these Jetliners Really Abandoned? - Urban Ghosts

These cool photographs show two allegedly-abandoned jetliners, but at least one of them appears to be in excellent condition. Can you shed any light on their situation?

from Urban Ghosts Media

Abandoned A-4 Skyhawk in Kingsville, Texas - Urban Ghosts

A generous number of large American military airfields feature nearby satellite runways often dating back to World War Two, generally abandoned or used for army combat training. This abandoned A-4 Skyhawk was parked on one in Texas.

from Urban Ghosts Media

Explore a Hangar filled with Abandoned Light Aircraft - Urban Ghosts

When an urban explorer ventured inside this undisclosed hangar somewhere in continental Europe, he discovered a wealth of abandoned light aircraft and other forsaken aviation technology that looked like it had been there for years.

from Urban Ghosts Media

"Crashed" SEPECAT Jaguar XX845 at Predannack - Urban Ghosts

Amid the stark, windswept beauty of Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula lies Predannack Airfield, where an assortment of derelict aircraft hulks, including SEPECAT Jaguar

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10 Best Travel Photography Tips

10 Best Travel Photography Tips from Adorama Learning Center

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Derelict MiG-21 Hulk Guards an Abandoned Soviet Base in Mongolia - Urban Ghosts

Those who are fascinated by abandoned aircraft and Cold War military relics…

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Abandoned Track Vehicle on Sliabh a' Bhiorain, Scotland

Photographer Leslie Barrie snapped this abandoned track vehicle in 2009, lying on the slopes of Sliabh a' Bhiorain in Argyll and Bute, on Scotland's majestic Kintyre Peninsula.

from Urban Ghosts Media

The Abandoned Runway of Wisley Airfield from Above - Urban Ghosts

The defunct wartime buildings of Wisley Airfield in Surrey, south east England, have long since been removed. But this superb photograph by Dan James reveals the abandoned runway and hard standings that remain firmly in place.

from Boost Your Photography

How to Take Better Snow Photographs

How to Take Better Snow Photographs - use a flash to illuminate falling snow | Boost Your Photography

from Urban Ghosts Media

Corroding Hulk of Lightning XM178 at Savigny-Les-Beaune - Urban Ghosts

She isn't derelict or abandoned, unlike some other English Electric Lightning interceptors featured previously on Urban Ghosts. But the external condition of early production airframe XM178 isn't easy on the eye.