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Parfait Eraser Collection

Food Erasers - Parfait Eraser Collection

Iwako erasers Japanese snacks 7 pieces set by Iwako. $7.47. by Iwako. Import from Japan. cute erasers with instant noodles, drinks and snacks. size of each eraser: 2.5-4.5cm (1"-1.8"). very good quality. cute erasers with instant noodles, drinks and snacks from Japan

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Yummy Eraser Set - Series 4

Yummy Eraser Set - Series 4 This cute set includes 6 different food and candy shaped mini erasers. Cupcakes, burgers, biscuits and others. Each of them is around 3 x 3 x 1 cm. This series has 3 different sets available.

Collectible Puzzle Erasers Crazerasers. 4 Pieces Set. by Fashion Angels. $0.99. Ages 6 and Up. Take apart, developmental puzzles. Eco Friendly: No PVC and Safety Tested. Series 2 - Random Styles. Deconstruct and Reconstruct, use them at school or leave them un-used and cool. Trade 'em, Save 'em, Collect them ALL!

Food and Drink Erasers Like Prickles And Sneez-Its. Hilarious!