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This quirky little furball is Natsu’s right-hand-cat and partner in crime who’s full of all sorts of helpful information—and his flying skills are quite handy in a pinch. The easiest way into Happy’s heart: give him a fish.

All of the exceeds. Happy, Carla, Pantherlily, Samuel, Frosch, Lector. I think it's safe to say that Frosch is my favourite. He's just so cute!!!

Anime/manga: Fairy Tail Characters: (Panther) Lily, Happy, and Carla

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真島ヒロ on

Happy and Charle <3 I love how their tails are intertwining :3 ~Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Happy onesie (1)

Evergreen cheering for Elfman and Levy cheering for Gajeel... Notice the similarity? lol

Lololol. That's the best. He wanted to play ninja, no better ninja than Kakashi

Pantherlily and happy | fairy tail~~~~ So cute! Not sure why you would dye your cats just to make them look like Happy and Lily


Fairy Tail Anime

Don't Worry Be Happy (Fairy Tail)