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Gary Burghoff - "Radar O'Reilly" from M.A.S.H. - in the 1962 "Era" yearbook of Delavan-Darien High School in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Gary Burghoff as Radar O'Reilly M*A*S*H I am in live with Radar. If he was not a fictional character, I would marry him!

Actor Gary Burghoff - Best known for the character Radar in the hit television series MASH

Sleep Tight, Radar... (M*A*S*H). Radar O'Reilly (aka Gary Burghoff) with his Teddy.

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"15 years! My earthworms will be dead & buried." The Gun-Season 4 Gary Burghoff as Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly

Radar. Mash. Such a sweet man. Everyone's little brother.

#mash #M*A*S*H - Hawkeye Pierce and Radar O'Reilly

M*A*S*H: Season 3, Episode 11 Adam's Ribs (26 Nov. 1974) mash 4077, 7, Jamie Farr , Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger, Gary Burghoff , Corporal Walter Eugene Radar O'Reilly,