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Kageyama/Hinata. Hinata should not be this hot. Kageyama shouldn't find his short stature attractive, shouldn't have problems with his eyes lingering a little too long on Hinata's smaller frame, the way his shirts hang just a little too big on him sometimes.

LevYaku. He reeks of stars and galaxies, that boy.

AomineKurokoKise. Surprisingly, theirs is a functional albeit vitriolic relationship.

Yuuri/Wolfram. Yuuri finally knows what he wants. But getting it isn't as easy as he'd thought.

Mikasa’s head is clear. She can hear Jean’s pained breath behind her, can plot the boundaries of the room and its occupants in abstract battle formation. She knows that the man holding a knife to Armin’s throat, loose but undeniable, cannot be allowed to escape.

archiveofourown.org "Standing at the Edge of Time" (dragon age au/self insert)

BokutoAkaashi. In which there are two devastating defeats on a 15 year old console, Kuroo learns the horror of facing an opponent craftier than he is, Bokuto discovers why humans don't yell every word they speak, and Akaashi finally doesn't have eye bags (for all the wrong reasons).

Iwaizumi/Oikawa. The door to a new opportunity is about to open for Tooru, but his doubts and fears come crashing down. Hajime is there with him through it all – and has a strange way to help his best friend that changes what they were before into something new, and maybe something better.

Assorted Letters with the Herald - MaryDragon, aelie - Dragon Age - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

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