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Dean/Castiel. With everything that was going wrong in Dean's life, it took him a while to realize that the person close to him that really needed the most help was Castiel.

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Some of the very best April Ludgate quotes (21 Photos)

Some of the very best April Ludgate quotes (21 Photos) : theCHIVE

The Titans capture a mysterious device from the Brotherhood of Evil. While Cyborg tries to figure out what it does a strange accident happens.

Surprise Me - Sparxflame When Sam signed up to work at the Trickster's Treats coffee shop, he wasn't expecting to end up working the twilight shift. He got used to it fairly quickly, though, and life went on as normal. Half a year later, he isn't expecting a strange customer with a taste for surprise drinks and entirely too many secrets to catch his attention, but Luke does, and Sam finds himself trying reconcile the fact that he may or may not be falling for a man ten years older than him.