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Talking with Reina Gossett and Grace Dunham About Everyday Activism and Why Empathy is Everything

Houses stand empty while homelessness grows. Who makes the profit? Somebody knows! [follow this link for a short video and analysis of the Great Recession:]

I understand that sometimes empathy is the only thing that will remotely get through to extreme sexists. But in all honesty it baffles me that people, especially politicians, can't see women as PEOPLE. As PEOPLE that are being hurt and oppressed in virtually every country on earth. If they were men-just men- not your husband, son or father, would you feel the same way?

WOW! Can someone please tell me why they advocate for "Power to the People", then cry for that "power" to be regulated by the GOVERNMENT??? Do these people NOT know that "government" has historically been the place where the people's power goes to DIE???