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This is a new story i want to come up with. Im going to hopefully take it very slow and think it through a lot more. This is actually the 3rd finished painting but the others weren't the perfect mo...

((Board cover)) you can have 1 job per character, there is no pay except safety. The jobs are as followed: farmer, soldier, medic,cooks, scout,and adventurer- this is a dangerous job(you travel outside of the safety of these walls to find resources and, this is an important job).


Ivana Besevic Captures Raw Emotion in Vulnerable Portraits

Embracing the complexity of being human, Ivana Besevic creates digital portraits that don’t glamorize or glorify. She doesn’t shy away from sadness or pain, and she doesn’t smooth over the red splotches and tear streaks on her subjects’ faces. These are real people with real feelings—many of them directly engaging the viewer with an open,...

from nenuno creative

25+ Amazing Digital Paintings

Connection - Digital art by Yuumei depicting a connection between wolf and human. The serenity of this digital art is highly depicted as the two creatures pause for the moment to connect with each other.