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Atomic Structure PPT w/ Student Notes {NGSS Aligned}

Atomic Structure PowerPoint that covers the very basics of an atom. Comes with student notes included! Used with 8th grade, easily adaptable.

Balancing Chemical Equations w/ Notes {NGSS Aligned}

Balancing Chemical Equation PPT Bundle with Student Notes included. Used in 8th grade Genetics Unit. Has lots of pictures and examples!

My students turned my whole classroom into a giant cell! Each group of students built an organelle (with a rough scale model in relation to the size of the classroom) and presented them to the class. I love this because it helps students really connect

Mixtures and Solutions PowerPoint w/ Student Notes

Mixtures and Solutions powerpoint and fill in the blank student notes for the middle school chemistry classroom. Full of lots of great pictures and examples! Available in Kristin Lee's Science (and more!) Shop on TeachersPayTeachers. Happy Teaching!

Heat Transfer Foldable

This easy foldable can help students organize notes over the different types of heat transfer. There are two copies of this foldable included. One already has illustrations of each type of heat transfer whereas the other is blank to encourage students to draw their own visual interpretation of the word.

Genetic Disorder Brochure Project

This is a bundle of documents used for a brochure project. The project is creating an informational brochure on a disorder created by a genetic mutation. This teaching bundle includes: Project Description Rubric Disorder List and Sign-Up Sheet Presentation Sign-Up Sheet Peer Review Sheet Student Template Adapted Template for Special Needs Students Available for Download!

Kristin Lee

*This PowerPoint is also available in a bundle with student notes* This is a PowerPoint Presentation that I created for an 8th grade Chemistry Uni...