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Financial Literacy Unit: Things Students Should Know Before They Graduate

$ This lesson covers a variety of topics including giving students a reality check about how much it costs to live on their own, credit card debt, car and student loans, creating a budget, how to write a check, how banks work, compounding interest and the Rule of 72. The lesson does requires internet access. After students complete the lesson, they complete a spending and earning journal to help them track what they spend and earn.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Consumer Math & Personal Finance - Complete Unit

Finance for middle and high school - budgeting, credit, taxes, interest, and more! Huge unit for a consumer math fun day or for covering TEKS standards

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Personal Financial Literacy

Personal Finance/Budget Help for the incurably right-brained. A notebook or binder would be best, but with "creative" organization. Right now I use an Excel spreadsheet but I'd prefer something I can handwrite and get messy.


Financial Literacy Websites

History Gal: Financial Literacy Websites

Lesson Plan – Teen Finance – Credit cards, why they’re important, and how to use them responsibly.

Teaching Kids to Manage Money from 3-18+ years. Ideas for Youth Financial Literacy plus a free Savings Goal Sheet printable. @americafirstcu

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Simple Steps that You Can Do Now to Re-Establish Your Credit

Simple things you can do now to re-establish your credit from

Financial Literacy! Awesome infographic! Test yourself!!

Financial Literacy! Awesome infographic! Test yourself!!