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Dried Cantaloupe Candy: FABULOUS! Remove rind and seeds. Cut into 3"x1/2" slices. Dip one side into mix of 3/4 cup powdered sugar and 1 tsp. powdered ginger and lay on parchment paper lined trays in dehydrator. Dry at 135* 18-24 hours or until no longer tacky to the touch. Should be leathery. Test piece in Ziploc bag. If moisture condenses inside bag after 5 min., dry longer. Store in airtight container in cool dark location to prevent discoloration! Enjoy!

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Dehydrated Cantaloupe

Bet you never thought you could dry this fruit! Buy a cantaloupe and try this easy recipe — no dehydrator needed! If you love dried mango, you'll love dried cantaloupe.

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Freezing Foods

I had a question on my Stockpile Video about storing certain foods in the freezer and I thought I'd type up a list of how long foods can last in the freezer. You can also print out this list HERE. Meats Chicken and Turkey Uncooked ~ 9 months Beef Steaks ~ 6 to 9 months […]

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Freezing Melons (Cantaloupe, Crenshaw, Honeydew, And Watermelon)

This is a guide about freezing melons, such as cantaloupe, crenshaw, honeydew, and watermelon. Melons all become ripe at once and preserving them is the best way to get that summertime flavor in the cold winter months.

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10 Snacks With No Added Sugar You Can Buy At The Supermarket

This snack is exactly what it sounds like and nothing more—dried fruit that’s sweet and crunchy all by itself. (Much of the dried fruit you find at the store is loaded with sugar, on top of the natural sugary goodness of the fruit itself.) Crispy Green has seven fruity offerings: tangerine, pineapple, apple, Asian pear, mango, cantaloupe, and banana.

Log Bowl $140-$195 | Made of a reclaimed log with a colorful gloss interior, this Log Bowl is just the vessel you need for eating piles of sustenance before you go back to chopping timber. Bowl diameter ranges from 4.5" to 5.5”. Height ranges from 2.5” to 5.5”. Use with dry goods only. Due to the real log used to create this bowl, the type of bark and height dimensions will vary.