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The GOP blocked President Obama's 'Veterans Jobs Bill'. How the hell can republicans claim to love their country !!!


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how the GOP rewrites history

Paid Maternal Leave: almost everywhere. No war on women? Vote the GOP out!

Serbia has been denied admission to the World Trade Organization this year because the country refuses to accept GMOs. Is this called coercion? STAND STRONG, SERBIA! You're on the right track! READ:

The GOP will do whatever to get elected... even if it means destroying the very country they seek to rule. It's all about being in power... by whatever means... Gerrymandering, stuffing and fixing the courts, destroying unions, limiting your freedoms, taking over municipalities by declaring Financial Martial Law, rigging voting laws and requirements... This current generation of extremist Republicans and their corporate backers that pulls the strings are a real danger to America.

Lincoln quote ~ your feet in right place then stand firm