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Make it nation-wide! GMOs are ALREADY banned in many other countries - let's add OURS to the list!

I wish my mother, who has completely given up on life, would realize this. I am certain that the only reason she hasn't killed herself yet is because she's afraid of the consequences on the other side. She doesn't want to be here any more. Not for me, not for my brother, not for her grandkids, not for my dad. It'd be easier to die than to try. And that ticks me off. “Memory is the diary we all carry about with us” so said Oscar Wilde. But are some people’s diaries more accurate than others? What happens if you can’t naturally remember lots of things? That would put certain students at a disadvantage, as memory is an important skill needed to do well at school. This blog …

I read a quote recently that is changing my life. I’ve always thought that working hard, being an A-type person, would get me to where I need to be. It’s often been said to me, and I’ve often said to others, ‘you just have to push through, keep on going, head down, work hard, don’t lose focus, keep moving forward.” Now, that’s all well and good. Until the hustle becomes the place where we derive our worthiness from...

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No Niche? No Problem

You’re an awesome creative pre-preneur who’s ready to finally start her own creative business. You know what you’re good at, and you’re ready to share your products or skills with the world. Except you also know that there are about a gazillion other creative businesses out there who do exactly what you want to do. And many of them do it so well, you’re already doubting whether you have what it takes to succeed before you’ve even started. | Think Creative Collective

If there’s one thing I can’t repeat enough, it’s that health (and illness) starts in your gut. If your gut isn’t healthy, you can suffer everything from unexplained weight gain to depression to autoimmune disorders. And way too many of us suffer from these ailments and a host of others simply because our intestines are in bad shape. Our lives are hectic, our standard American diet (SAD) is bad, and we’re paying the price. #guthealth #bonebroth #healthyliving #healthtips #bonebrothdoc

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

My favorite recipe for classic Roasted Brussels Sprouts. They're easy to make with whatever other seasonings sound good, but the classic recipe is hard to beat! |