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Entering Wonderland Art Print

Entering Wonderland - A grittier, more grungy, surreal, and almost steampunk take on Alice in Wonderland. Alice has consumed the contents of the "drink me" bottle, secured the key, and ready to embark on her adventure through wonderland.

Nature's Reclamation Art Print

Nature's Reclamation - Digitally altered image of the interior of the York Minster cathedral in York England, to show nature's triumph after the age of man.

Bashful Sheep at Avebury Art Print

Sheep being coy with the photographer, peeking out from behind one of the ancient standing stones at Avebury, England.

'Til the End of Time Art Print

Post-apocalyptic floating islands. Image of the ruins was from a shot of the Roman wall in Exeter, England (that's me, the artist, sitting on the wall, watching the end of time).

White Winter Peacock Art Print

Risselty, Rosselty Art Print

Risselty, Rosselty - Named for the song the children sing in Hitchcock's "The Birds." This image provokes a feeling of pending doom, with the spiral of circling vultures, against a stormy cloudy sky.

Decayed White Fir Art Print

White fir tree set against a contrasting moody sepia backdrop.

Nuzzling Deer Art Print

Two deer nuzzling and cleaning each other in the winter snow

Le Coeur Noir Art Print

Le Coeur Noir - Dark Valentine. Is it an image of crumbling love? Or an image of people holding strong while everything is falling apart?