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Genius Meme Hoodies Design

Genius Meme Hoodies Design

28 Magnificent Chandeliers Made Out Of Crazy Things.  Love the mini lamp shades, beer bottles, and exploding dishware.

25+ Magnificent Chandeliers Made Out Of Crazy Things

dinnerware explosion lighting amaze - The Art Of Up-Cycling: DIY Chandeliers, Upcycling Ideas To Create Stunning Diy Chandeliers

HAHAHA Found Mike from Monsters Inc. That comment at the bottom though..

Cyclops shark that looks like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!

This is great

I love that song! " I write sins, not tragedies " by Panic! At the disco

A few reasons why Shakespeare is a genius

Do you need more of a reason to love his works? Shakespeare made a "your mom" joke

In the original photo...is that...IS THAT LANIPATOR!?!? (Team Fourstar)

in the way guy- Dump a day funny pictures. Don't know why this is so hilarious haha

this is too funny : ) thank god for freinds

I feel bad for him...

Every girl needs a quick-thinking best friend! And look at the girl's face when he wanted to kiss her! I can't stop watching this haha . this makes me mad: every girl needs to stand up for herself and remember she can just say no!

I'm so confused<-- took me a minute but pretty sure the "fresh" they mean for the neighbors kids is like the "'Fresh' Prince" kind of "fresh"

Like your neighbor's kid's eggs. My neighbor's kid's bring me eggs all the time!

Never give up fixing people's spelling and grammar even if they complain!

Pardon the cursing, but the grammar nazi Daniel forgot to correct the 'her dad and me' . Should be 'her dad and I'