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Grab an afternoon tea or coffee with these Peter I. Burger tea cups! Cities Design and Lifestyle Stores


How to Dye Wool Yarn with Coffee, Tea, and Turmeric

How to Dye Wool Yarn with Coffee, Tea ( for Amigurumi doll skin) ~ Tutorial

"You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

from HappyFoods Tube

Orange Loaf Cake

Orange Loaf Cake - A perfect treat for a coffee/tea break and absolutely delicious when butter with jam or honey are spread over. Super easy recipe |

Best way to start the morning - Bullet Proof Coffee! #paleo, #primal, #coffee


Earl Grey Vanilla Tea Latte (London Fog)

I don't drink coffee. I know, that's probably hard to believe since I have two kids 3 and under but I just never got into it and now I can b...


Perfect Coconut Matcha Latte (AIP, Dairy Free)

This AIP Coconut Matcha Tea Latte is the perfect coffee replacement for anyone following the Autoimmune Protocol or an Autoimmune Diet. Drink it in the morning to replace your morning coffee, or indulge in one as an afternoon pick me up.  Good news for all of you following the autoimmune protocol, or simply looking for a way to reduce your caffeine intake: I have the perfect replacement for your morning cup of coffee. I introduce to you, the Perfect Coconut Matcha Latte. The perfect…

I tell my children this every morning lol let me finish a cup or two before you come down bothering me.....Leave me be Leave me be Tea ART PRINT - 8 x 10 Giclee ... by SquinkStudio on Etsy

By: Sharon Johnson Card was created using Spellbinders Nested Tea Cups.