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From the dissections album

"Ram just turned 12 in February. He had a great life on this earth, and gave me and all my family love and joy for two years. Ram's body was just tired and worn out. There was no suffering or pain. Run with wings now, Ram. Our hearts are sad, we miss him dearly." Kevin and Starr Phillips, Grandparents, and all the family. (aka Boc's Rambler, GALT #886, February 24, 2003 - March 5, 2015)

Hyperion (aka Saturn VII) is a moon of the planet Saturn discovered by William Cranch Bond, George Phillips Bond and William Lassell in 1848. It is distinguished by its irregular shape, its chaotic rotation, and its unexplained sponge-like appearance. It was the first non-round moon to be discovered.

This is my go-to meatball recipe from the cookbook, but coming on here to pin for you, @Alison Ingraham Body for Life Spaghetti and Meatballs

Jennifer Lopez told Phillip, "this is so natural for you; it's in every cell of your body" after his performance of "Hard To Handle" by the Black Crowes.

Weimaran/Dachshund Mix........Oh my! @Lisa Trueblood Marie @Claire Dalgliesh (Fellow Fellow) Berg I think Bauer needs a friend, and this is it! lol!

Happy heals medallion necklace but Alyssa Phillips. http://alyssaphillipsinc.com/store/

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