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Just A Bit Of Motivation

I’ve tried every workout under the sun and then some. Some exercises are killer, some are just so-so. Of course, it’s different for everyone. Some people love the slow flow of gentle yoga, some people love the heart-pounding, tuck-jumps of Insanity. […]

If you think 20 seconds goes by have never done a Tabata. @bethberkey @lindseylulubell @strangemom @jamkelley

40 workout songs to help keep you motivated

If you're looking for upbeat songs to add to your gym playlist to help you stay motivated in your workout and weight loss goals, this collection of 40 workouts songs is JUST what you need. I'm really digging 5, 7, 10, and 21 right now, but all of these workout songs will keep you pumped and (hopefully) give you the motivation you need to get back in shape (and stay in shape). Good luck!

Lol this is silly it may be true that they are badass, but I know girls who don't lift that have overcome super gnarly stuff internally. That takes the badass cake. But it's funny and lifting does take determination. -b